proudly humble (?)

I saw cherry blossom yesterday, not once or twice but six times. It was the same bush, I was lost. I wanted to stop and take a photo but was focused on being unlost. It was a lovely reminder as always that Spring is almost here.

One of my favourite arrivals into the garden is the fragile fritillaria meleagris. First of all it is drop dead gorgeousness of it. The delicate chequered purple and traces of white are divinely made (obviously)


Unlike it’s show off cousin the tulip. The  fritillaria:

Holds its head humbly, allowing the wind to move it

Remains the right size for its stem

Its beauty is to be found, it will never show it off

Although the fritillaria is beautiful you must seek it out. A tulip stands proud on a long stem, saying “look at me, aren’t I the pretty one, the most important one, ally yourself with me.” A fritillaria stands in prayer, head bowed, and says “I was made by the Creator for the Creator first and foremost but if you find me you will be loved, because first He loved me”

That proud tulip gets its head blown off in the wind, the fritillaria wafts gently in the breeze.



The fritillaria knows its place, it knows that if it were to grow tall like the tulip it would die, so it stays where it is and lets the tulips do their thing.



Better to stay as you are and not try anything new?

Hunker down and let your inner beauty shine?

Or step out in faith, into the breeze and make one more step forward?

There is nothing wrong with staying put, but is it what you were called to do. Stepping out of the boat might seem stupid with all those sharks around but maybe you (or I) just have to.

I’m just saying…