A quickie

I heard blogs being called personal rants this week and it at first just plain irked me but then it made me think about this blog, its purpose and all that writer stuff.
It is good to have a think, set out some clear objectives but for this blog that clarity isn’t needed. It is a record of the process of an unChristian writer becoming Christian and continuing to write. It has my entire back catalogue of fiction bar one or two short stories that were corrupted on a disc and bar the ones I won prizes for as a tot.
It is about the struggle to grow with the many distractions in my life and it is about this part of the journey and the absolute lack of writing about it because it is too closely held by my heart. It is about a word or a phrase that makes me think, a comment that makes me cry or an aside that makes me laugh, it is about my reaction to what is going on in this pocket of the world but most of all, first and foremost it is my acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord in my life. Everything even writing “a rant” is for His glory not my own. Yearning for row three by the radiator, but driven by a deeper motivation, the root of me, deocentric and it makes sense.