Badal ends {the return}

The temporary separation is finished and the way it turned out was not separation as such but an enlarging and joining.
Let me try to explain the wondrous work that God has achieved in my life. I have had a year of transformation ( again ) and it has been awesome to watch and be a part of – cos it was happening to me. It was reminiscent of Scotland’s World Cup song when Billy Connolly in incredulity says “and he was passing the ball to me.”
I have been so blessed by the community of believers up the country whilst knowing there was a bunch of people praying for me back in Kerry. In one small way, I have been able to join the two together so roll on September and let’s see how that works out.
Being transformed over and over means being open to that transformation, letting go of self and embracing Him totally, submitting to His will. I hope that I continue being this open to Him.
And so I am back in my home territory but it feels less like home now. It feels more temporary and I think that is how The Lord wants me to think about it, for now.
And what of the relationships made up above, it was easier to let them go than home relationships but links were made and love was shared. Some people found it hard to let go of me but having heard from congregations around the country this appears to be normal. They like the ownership of being the church that had a person on placement.
And now, what for me? Well, I enter a period of rest. A time of reflection, prayer and regrouping. A time to refresh and renew until the next test. I am more comfortable than I have been about going on and also more comfortable with not going on. I am comfortable resting in the arms of The Lord and His will. Back to Doris Day “Que…..”