The Spirit of before and after

January 13th

I am no longer mine but yours.
we say this but do we mean it each year on the day we speak of it, of the covenant, of relationship, of love.
Do we mean it when we get cut off in the queue, or the girl in the office doesn’t speak with us, when our friends have deserted and we are left all alone.
Do we mean it then?
When the path is hard, sloping up and beyond with rocks and pebbles and stones when pieces of grit try to lodge in our heart.
Do we mean it then?
This week is the week of prayer for Christian Unity and although I doubt any of the people who gathered in Scartaglen RC Church were aware of it five churches were represented and members of the “church of the offended” and of no church were also present. They were there to celebrate a life they didn’t know, but they knew the son and/or daughter in law of the man.
I am no longer mine but yours was sung in the middle of the Mass. The confessional hymn on that night cut straight through everything to the bones of it all and those words

are we under the law
under grace
natural man

Examination of our hearts, discernment of our motives: let us learn from those who we have left behind, let us learn from one another

Eternal God, blessed Trinity of love,
Make us one in the unity
which is your gift and perfect will,
for the sake of our churches and the shalom of our world. Amen