Band meet{ing}

Mark is not one for flowery language and nonessential phrases. His whole writing is full of action moving continually from one place to another. In this passage, Jesus preaches, drives out a demon, heals Peter’s mother-in-law and a guy with leprosy along with many people who were brought to him or came themselves.

In the midst of all this activity, Jesus took himself off, to pray, to somewhere solitary early in the morning before first light. Jesus did this often, flurries of activity and then quiet time.

So what can we, in this time of Lent, learn from this pattern?

For me, Lent is a time to spend more time in quiet contemplation, a time of heart and faith checks, a time of sharing and accountability, a time of being close to the Lord. Flurries of writing activity and family chores and then taking myself off to be alone with the Lord. It refreshes and revitalises, it focuses my thoughts and heart, it is a special time.

Each year I intend to continue in this vein but so often fall short.

Father God,

just as I am, I can come to You no other way. Search me O Lord and convict me of what I need to change, challenge my thinking when it gets skewed and Lord thank you for the encouragement you give me, You give me courage and strength to share Your gospel. Thank You, Lord for the changes already wrought in my life and I look forward to Your next surprise. Amen