Two guys in the cafe today were chatting about their kids. The guys were well past 50 and the children they spoke of were in their twenties. They really cared about them and spoke of relationships, both broken and current and it was just so sweet.
There was no physical contact between them, I mean they were blokes but the love was palpable. They had their snap and continued chatting outside. How often do men get together and share like that? The reason I ask is that is the first time I have ever witnessed such a beautiful encounter.
Church guys don’t talk like that!
I had a conversation this week where the person told me how I was feeling, what I should do about a particular situation, how wrong I was and probably a lot more but I switched off from listening. We can’t fix other people. Why do some people spend so much futile time trying?
There is only one person that can change us. We come to Him with nothing, there is nothing we can DO to change ourselves or others. We can just come, just as we are, unclean, messed up and with no strength left to continue.
Living in this moment, this God-given moment means living outside of the box, with the Spirit guiding we can be uncontainable by secular concepts of doing and being. There is no amount of yoga breathing going to fix a person, no amount of mindfulness, or meditating on self.
Try this, meditate on a verse of scripture, try and apply it to everything you meet that day, ask for the guidance of the Spirit in everything you do, talk through your day with the Lord.
Try living simply…we have forgotten that…we fill our lives with rituals…we have forgotten our calling both individually and as a church…we are so comfortable and complacent… we need to be refreshed and renewed…Wake up O sleeper…before it is too late.
And have those love conversations with one another.