A sojourn in the secular part 1

Spending time with others really does curtail my praising loudly in the van. However, no one seems to mind if I sing along to the vacuous lyrics of current charting songs. And some people don’t mind as I sing lyrics from a long time ago.

My preference has always been folk songs, from the Northern wastelands of England. I had an eclectic musical heritage from the brass bands of Northern towns and villages to the beginnings of punk and beyond.

Now when I sing these long ago “vacuous” lyrics I see the emptiness in them, the dire need of the songwriter to find peace with their outpouring of teenage angst & middle-age gender-neutral menopausal hypocrisy.

Take these lines:

Now the summer’s over
and I find myself alone
with only memories of you
I was so in love I couldn’t see
‘cos I was living in a world of make believe.
But now you’re gone I’m just a daydreamer

I’m walking in the rain

chasing after rainbows I may never find again

Life is much too beautiful to live it all alone

A rainbow chaser! For those of us who love to see rainbows because they are an eternal reminder of God’s Noahic covenant, but not for us, for him. How reassuring that each rainbow reminds God of that covenant which along with the other OT covenants were fulfilled by Christ.

Jesus, our Lord and our God, who changed history for every single person on this planet. Our God who loves us {all} not just the obedient few, but us sinners, {all of us} even me, even you.

Our lives were empty, they were living in a vacuum of daydreams, chasing after status, dragons, nicotine, porn, bigger and better THINGS,

Our lives are now full, we are the richest people on the planet with no thought of monetary gain because we inherit. We inherit because God who loves us has invited us to join his family, no masses of paperwork, no forms to fill in and checkboxes ticked. Just each of us turning away from our past and turning to Jesus, laying down our s*&t at the Cross, all of it, everything we have done, everything done to us. It is a time of celebration, of repentance, of new life.

No more chasing…

We are home…

And it is full of rainbows – chockablock with rainbows & moonbows & spectra of every design. And our lives are changed. Human love lasts for a season. God’s love is eternal, it is real and it is open to all to accept this love.