GLEEful singing

there was a real live glee club in the restaurant last night. They filled the room with a neck tingling Irish Blessing to the tune of Be Thou My Vision, one guy sang Old Man River and they all sang a spiritual about a cabin and keeping the dark times away. The majority were clean-cut, clean-shaven American student stereotypes with a few that were different, but a nicer bunch of lads in one room… We all were surprised at their genial behaviour. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has a great glee club.

We are an eclectic bunch of folk, Grace Baptist & KMC represented, the others come from all over Ireland. I got asked was I Polish or Lithuanian by a Ukrainian. Much to the delight of Ritchie Rich, a young guy travelling on his own who nailed my accent within 20 miles. The Cork contingent are thus far reticent to share but the Dubs have joined the Kingdom contingent and are not scared of our God-talk.

Ah, the beautiful Camille… We met in the bag drop queue and I suggested she move because we always had to wait for the longest, wherever we were. We chatted a little. On the plane, a young woman and baby were moved from beside me and Camille appeared in their place. We talked non-stop to Pisa and this included a long wait due to a computer malfunction. A lovely, bubbly Italian/ French girl with an Irish boyfriend called Danny. So sweet. She has me convinced to visit Tokyo so frugality will reign to do that.

Back home there are no burst blood vessels and gifts are being shipped, I am slowing down to a standstill and just as Ross takes a nap I find myself breathing a little slower perhaps even in time with the Creator.

Be still and know that I am God

There is no noise in this city of sulphur, the quiet in my heart mirrors the silence of the streets. I sit and count my blessings, resting in His arm.