Withered ~ shrivelled

There is a song by The Who called “The Seeker” which has a guy looking for something – the key, but he doesn’t find it. The lyrics are that mix of words that can only be made through the haze of alcohol and I am sure when first written made total sense.

In this world there are a lot of people seeking, thirsting for more of those warm fuzzy feelings and happy clappiness. They seek here and there, in the new ages of crystals and dreamcatchers, in all the different religions – the self, inward-looking, polytheistic, the monotheistic idol worship, the okay, I’m ok, you’re ok balancing act of self-justification: anything that distracts from fulfilling our true purpose on earth.

“You can’t see the wood for the trees”

Many people can’t see the only way to God is through Jesus because they are confronted by so many different ways of doing religion. But they are dehydrated, parched – thirsty but drinking the wrong thing that does not quench the thirst. When I eat food from a takeaway, I have a huge thirst because my salt intake has dramatically increased. What I do next can either increase or decrease my thirst. If I drink carbonated drinks I just get more thirsty and uncomfortable but if I drink tea or water, my thirst is quenched. I know this and yet sometimes I imbibe fizzy nonsense instead of sensible stillness.

Today the question was posed – “What do I covet?” and in all honesty, I didn’t think of anything. If the question had been “What do I thirst for?” I would have answered how I wanted more than anything to grow closer to God.

This morning I became overcome with how much I was loved by God, it was not ideal in terms of timing, but I have learned that God surprises me with his intense presence, and it makes everything else fade into the background.

My cup overflows with joy, as I feel the intensity of His love, I was reading a book today in which a young girl was recalling a few years earlier when she was last hugged. Being aware of God’s presence, for me, makes me think of an enveloping hug. The path is clearing and I am beginning to make out the wood, each individual tree that lines the path and every pebble and stone seems clearer in the light of His love.

God—you’re my God!
  I can’t get enough of you!
I’ve worked up such hunger and thirst for God,
    traveling across dry and weary deserts.

Psalm 63:1-3

O Lord,

Thank you for this day that you made, for special friendships, for fellowship, for people who care, for accepting their care. But most of all thank you Lord for your care and love, for your hessed that transforms and changes everything. Lord help me as I begin this something new this week and thank you for giving me this opportunity, amen.