when I think …

when I think of God loving me unconditionally as I am, I am transported back to codecils and addendums, of footnotes. I am taken to a place where I first understood in my heart what this hessed was. How I felt engulfed by waves of love.

When I continue in this thinking I look at now. I look at the person He has made and I smile. I am loved as much as anyone else by God the creator, God my friend, God my comforter.

Too much thinking leads an unhealthy introspection of self that is prevalent in the world today. There is a balance to sort out between looking inside, breathing in and looking outside, breathing out.

Knowing I am loved by the living God.

Knowing this I can be a love song in the world for Him and his glory

My cup runneth over

Thank you Lord for the changes wrought in my life.

That I know I am loved.