love is …

Never did I think one could love me as he does.
Never did I feel worthy,
Never in my worldly world;
This love that changes everything
I had heard of him, this guy, a good one, you know.
I sprinkled salt on the stories to see if they held true,
I went along to listen to man and woman expound
His words as if they were true
I sat in the corner and spoke not one word,
My smile etched in pain 
deterred all onlookers from coming near
Year on year I sat silently with the good folk
Tragedies came and went but they still went on
And on and on
About the good guy who loved them
And they sang loud and waved arms in the air
The guy never changed, he remained the same
He good, he love, he mercy, he grace
Yeah, I thought, from my quietness
That all very nice for the nice folk
But then one day my heart was strangely warmed
Lightning struck and shards of bitterness flew
Off my chest like bullets from an automatic Uzi
My shoulders forever bent began to straighten
Many times we had sung my chains fell off
For me, without knowing what that meant
But now the bondage marks began to fade
I clawed to hold onto old and new
I couldn’t…
I wouldn’t…
I couldn’t…
He loved me.
Me, who had done more in his enemy’s name,
Than most on the planet
Me, the unwanted, un-needed, unloved one
He, loved me?
It took time; weeks and months went by
I followed him; I heard what was said
With new ears and a newer heart
But years of self-sufficiency were hard to shift.
What did he know of me, and my life?
Revelation day, the day I truly believed
The day I heard he loved me full stop. Period. Dead stop. Screeching halt.
I fell to my knees in awestruck wonder
If he could love one such as I
Then surely I could love it too
I saw the light, received my sight
And I will bless his name forever
No more angst, no more fear
Because I am loved by the almighty one
The alpha and omega has adopted me
How cool is that! How freakin’ awesome
I am no longer the me I used to be
It is no longer me that lives
But Jesus Christ lives in me
And through him I love and am loved
Theories come and go,
Expressions are in fashion for a time
But the timeless one does not change
His language is the same as when it all began
His love came down, expressed in human form
His body died on the cross at Calvary
But as the women cried – “He is risen”
I proclaim with women throughout the age
Our Lord, our King is risen indeed
And he will come once more
And there will be no more sorrow
Only love, only love, only love will remain.
I can…
I will…
I can…
Believe, have faith, trust in –
HE LOVES ME indeed.