Get on board
The train departs soon
Climb on the roof 
Hang from the windows 
Just cling to the train of salvation
In two minutes and fifty
I will stand to proclaim
That Jesus Christ is Lord

But now at this moment
I feel like a bowl of jelly
Without the bowl. 

The preparation is done
The work is complete
And yet and still O Lord
Why me. I am incompetent 
I am incomplete

I have a van full of pumpkins
If I crash today I will
Be covered in pumpkin goo
And maybe even before 
I start that is how I feel

When I was young 
I heard a song
Never trust a man
With egg on his face
And at this moment
I feel egged faced
Tongue twisted

Hilda died and didn't even know
So wrapped up in the me that will
Become me

I, Father God, I need you
More than the last minute or ever
I need your protective arms around me
I need to feel your breath
Your breath. Your breath. 
Fall on me today