It was more than a statistic
the empty truck on the side of the road
it was a testament and last will
An epitaph to human greed.
But the newspapers honed in
the sixth truck found this year
slight mention of tragic death occurring
but the “Sixth” struck a chord, in me.
The other five, what happened
to those desperate survivors -
sent back home or
refugee-d in a most inappropriate way?
It was the photo, slightly out of focus
in the corner by the open door -
a mangled Tonka digger
Like my son would often drive.
People, real people with
blood and breath and skin
were hidden and suffocated in
the truck by the side of the road.
A real child, with real hope:
for a better life, green hills, milk, and honey
expired their last breath
in the white truck,
now abandoned,
on the road to Ballina