together {joined forever}

this is dedicated to our agape, philo, storge love for each other

 I remember when we met
a book thrust into my broken hands
some time later a phone call
the beginning of a conversation,
a remnant, a patch.
I think of the spurts of growth, of growing
and all the other times in between
reflecting on how we have both grown
and pruned each other with the Wind
the love, the growing
admiration, the blossoming respect
cemented amen,
a paradox of emotions
we were destined to walk
together for a while longer
and yesterday, the prayer, the vision
cast once more upon the water
and today to see you both so hurt
I am so glad I failed last year.
Let us together, go forward
as collaborative dissenters like Peter or Paul
Susanna or John, with aesthetic please
sharing the gospel,
in every aspect of our life.