Tears shed

 Tears, what are they?
Made up of water and salts
They cascade down her face
No time to dry one before another forms
Streams of salty water roll down her cheeks
Their shape, a rivulet, bursting through
A tiny aperture,
pressure creating
What is their purpose?
Leaf shaped buds of emotion
Floating endlessly to her neck
Joined by two candles of snot
she cried out
Not in words from her mouth
But direct heart to heart.
And in that moment she glimpsed, or perhaps
Imagined her unsaid words
appearing on each tear.
Are tears really heaven sent speech bubbles?
For when the words don't.
Releasing the pressure of a heart
That doesn't know whether to sit or stand
Lie down or crawl under a rock.
Are tears a coping mechanism sent from God
To help the helpless
To provide for the needy
And emotionally spent.
For the times when the only sound
Is a resounding natter
Of: any language will do.
For when rock bottom
Is hit with a thud