Sky Path

 Who worked the path
That I traverse
To make it easier – for me
I love to lookup
Into the inky black stain
A rainbow collar around the moon
White shiny dots
Outline the plough
And the guy for archery
Sometimes even planets
Are seen but I know nothing of these
I see only pinhole camera dots
Filled with wonder
Full of awe
At the hands that threw those lights into space
And who made my heart His home
Someone told me about the deathstars
Bright shining lights signalling the death
One night two years ago
I saw a shooting star
Billy sang it was a satellite
And he wished you cared
But I saw it shoot
And I did not wish anything
As it fell down straight.
To you though, my love, my friend
I look forward to spending time with you
Your mission field was a small patch of land
Seeds planted in each new child
I wonder do the others
Bear their seeds on their path
Maybe if I looked horizontal and not up
I would see across the meadow
Or see pairs of oxen too
Evenly yoked through history
The people came before and are yet to come
The ones who surround me now
The crowd of witnesses from the field
Bringing us all
Closer to Thee O Lord
Closer to Thee.
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