The fragment of mirror showed
I was no longer me
No longer my brother's brother
Or my father's son
The unclean swine I tended
Ate better meals than I
But no matter how hungry I was
I did not touch their food
Dad, he taught me the scriptures
He showed me right from wrong
Each day was a lesson
Something to chew on and grow
Do not murder, do not steal
No coveting another's wife
Each rule, each law, each point 
Was made in love by dad

Minding pigs, I look back
Returning to my home, in mind
I realised I had not really left
Through the food, the swine ate
Before my dad was born
Some of our kind turned Greek
And maybe for a while, I did the same
Though I did not uncircumcise
All the money in the world
And all the food from a banquet
Cannot replace my home community
So I refused {point blank} to steal

I planned to return to my daddy's place
Unsure of his response
Expectation of punishment
I still longed to be at his side
Once more
Listening to his deep, wise, words
The rhythm of his farmyard life
Beats still into my heart
I yearn to be his servant 
Not a son, after what I'd done

But look! Dad is running
Hoisting his robes above his knees
Breaking rule after rule but hey...
He running and smiling and laughing
And hugging and kissing