knowing {deep knowing}

 Deep, deep, deep
is Your love.
Deep, deep, deep,
in my heart I know, and,
more of You, Lord,
I thirst for more, this is my desire.
Hungry, thirsty I come,
once more to dwell in Your love.
Satisfied, only in You, Lord
I am satisfied by Your love.
filling up, pouring out
desiring to stay with You
help me in my thirsting
draw near in my hunger
as I long for You each day

help me be satisfied in You alone
remind me constantly of who I am in You,
keep me safe when tempters knock at my door
as fears come and overwhelm

in me alone there is nothing
no weapon or tool to dispel
but Your love shines in the darkness
and protects me from the gloom.
Deep, deep, deep.
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