It should’ve been you

I was having a quick sound bite of a conversation about the lectionary on Sunday. One person was looking at the three “lost” parables from a cynic’s point of view. I was thinking about the fruit of the Spirit and it got me thinking about what the prodigal would say to his older brother:

 It should've been you
You stayed, you worked
Each day in every way
You were faithful and true
It should've been you.

It should've been you
Patient when dad got mad
Gentle with new-born lambs
Kind to all the workers
It should've been you.

It should've been you
Not asking for more, nil greed - o mento
Singing the songs of old with joy
Resolving conflict all the day long
It should've been you.

When dad ran, against tradition
And threw his arms around me
It should've been you

The love he had for me, so apparent
The joy in each foot fall
It should've been you

But brother let me tell you
Really tell you as it is
That love is extended to both of us
Dad was over the moon to see me
But with joy he saw in you each day.
Faithful son, full of fruit
To me, it made sense for it to be you
You alone deserved that love

And this changes everything
The party he threw for me
You got an invite too
We both are loved by...
A fantastic dad
A wonderful father

Brother don't stay bitter
Come let's dance this night together
Let's celebrate with love
For we have THE BEST DAD EVER.