I met someone today who needed to talk. The loss of a loved one weighed heavy on her soul and she needed to unburden and release some of the loneliness within. I knew this, without her uttering a word. The sorrow and grief were palpable in the air-conditioned atmosphere. She was engulfed by her grief.

On the surface, she appeared a well-groomed and maintained lady. Coiffured and manicured, skin concealed within a mask of make-up. She was full of smiles and chatty. Nothing on the surface was equating to what had been placed on my heart:

This is a grieving woman.

The clients I see have seven and a half minutes to have some measurements taken and a test performed. There isn’t time to sit and let someone unburden and yet my heart was saying:

Pray with this woman

There is nothing in my job description that I could put this under. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. I asked her:

May I pray with you

She told me of losing her only child and husband. We prayed.

I sometimes get overwhelmed by how intimately personal my relationship with God is. And how that is the same for all believers. And how He wants that for all people. He wanted to use me today to bless this woman, to let her know she wasn’t alone, to surround us both with his presence. What a God we serve!

What an honour it is to meet someone in their situation and be guided by the Holy Spirit in how to interact with them. What a privilege it is to hear the stories of situations.

Life is not a bowl of cherries and everything we go through is not smelling of roses. Connecting with people allows the overflowing love of God to pour out through us, and seeds planted.