The stone of my childhood
Limestone, sandstone
Were held in a wire wall
I wanted to set it free
And let it fall wherever it fell
But I didn't

I took a snapshot of the wall
And thought about back then
Being contained in something 
That was not normal or wanted.
Judy was contained in Tony's body
I am sure she didn't wish
But lived a life of torment
Unable to break free

She was contained in fleshly prison
Much like the stones in this wall
Unnaturally held in stasis

Eighty-four years later 
Judy shared her news
Like a surprise party that
No one turns up to
Or arrives later than the guest of honour
It all fell a little flat

Not shocking or disturbing
Poor Judy surprised herself

Oh wall of stones
Hail down like a downpour from heaven
Shake us up
wake us up 
Don't be contained in a man-made prison
Be set free