I Am Yours

Before God I stand
Hands bowed at my sides
Offering the little I can:
No frills, no bells, no whistles.
Just fear and pain and ordinariness.
The good, the bad and all that’s in-between.
Offered in simple words:
‘I am Yours.’
All that I am:
A simple gift
‘I am Yours.’
And God’s hand reached out to me
Accepting the gift in its totality
And then an echo whispered
A smile of pleasure
In moist eyes.
‘And I am yours.’
All that God is
Offered to all that I am.
My eyes fill with tears
At the enormity of the gift.
The God of the universe
Gifting mortal me God’s self.
I am unworthy
But not worthless.
I am not understanding
But totally understood.
Yet find I am accepted.
I wrestle with such love,
And find I am still loved.
I struggle to accept,
‘I am yours,’
 © Jo Anastasiadis