daughter comes home

Oh no, mum’s passed out again, stupid, stupid, stupid. Jake the little…

Why did I come home? I hate this, I really hate this.

Jam everywhere. Is there anything in this room that is not bleeding red jam.

And Jake, where is he? Okay, so if I check the baby first, change its nappy cos I am sure mum didn’t bother. Thursdays are just zero days.

I wonder how long it took her to get from the bank to the off-license. Did she even pay? I should ring Halloran’s, see if we owe them anything.

Oh mum, remember when it was you, me and dad. He built that swing in the yard and we took it in turns to swing. We laughed. Do you remember laughing?

Proper laughing at something important, not the bottom of a vodka bottle, or some random tosser you picked up. I mean laughing ‘cos it’s summer and the grass smells green and the sun is shining just for us.

Oh mum, look at the baby’s bottom, it is raw, red, why don’t you change it? I am so past tears, mum, I wish you could hear me, Jake doesn’t know how to laugh.

I barely remember, dad, laughter, happy, joy.

Oh mum, please …