A revamped place.

A renewed space

What is it all for?

A beach scene, Inch, County Kerry.
beautiful Kerry

I have moved from beautiful Kerry where I lay my hat with my family for the last 23 years.

Along the way I have moved into a way of living that shares the love, grace and hope in each moment of the day. There will be moments captured here, to remind me.

The re-framing of my life as I learned of jubilee living, discipleship growing and story weaving are all here: there is old stuff from the 00’s and new stuff as each light-bulb moment explodes from ethereal to reality. I moved between places and spaces, reflecting on the journey thus far and glimpsing a brief moment or two of the future.

Poems and stories are found somewhere about here.

On the 6th November 2020

I stand over my previous writings and will from time to time move them from the archive to the front. But this is the day that Talenkynic Dromdrevc and Sukey Mackie stop being the authors of my life. I take back my name, given to me by my parents and write in the name: Susan Gallagher.

The author of creation has changed my life completely and I return to the beginning, occasionally, to watch from a distance the process of rebirth.

As I journal the process of reclamation for me, I also journal the rebuilding around me during the hiatus of life caused by the global pandemic. The setting for this is my new home of Carlow and Kilkenny counties as I minister to the communities here.

The “new road” in Carlow.